Two years ago TV presenter Baz Ashmawy came up with the novel idea for a new show which would see him bring his Irish mammy all around the world to try out some death-defying stunts. The concept was quickly picked up by Sky 1 and went on to become one of the most watched programmes on the channel in Ireland in 2014, and has since been licensed by Sky Vision into over 150 territories worldwide

Season two proved just as popular and now the mother/son duo are back for yet another series, but this time round they have brought a whole new set of mammies along for the ride.

Joining Baz and his 73-year-old mother Nancy for the new show, which starts on Monday night on Sky 1, is Grace (73) from Scotland, Rosaline (65) originally from Singapore, Ann (77) from London, and Joy (73) born in Jamaica and living in the UK.

How did they manage to find four willing mammies who would put their lives in Baz's hands? "We went to different places to look for them," Ashmawy told

"We couldn't go through casting agents, so we went to community centres, bingo halls, places where you might find people my mum's age loitering," he joked. "And we just approached them, and then we had people come out and meet them or we'd maybe chat on Skype. We had an amazing response, so from that, we just picked our favourites. We didn't want mammies who just wanted to be on TV, we wanted real people."

The six of them then went on adventures that saw them doing everything from bungee jumps to abseiling down waterfalls in locations like Dubai and Peru to Toronto and New Orleans.

Ann, 77, from London, said; "There was no pressure, if you don't want to do it, don't do it. For me that means I must do it. Everybody was so gentle and so sweet, I tried to please, and I did almost everything I was asked."

While 73-year-old Jamaican born Joy told us; "I wasn't thinking of age, because inside this is something you want to do. You don't think of sciatica or anything like that. It's as if you are thirsty for a drink and the water is there, and you just go for it."

Baz however, definitely found it tough at times travelling with four extra mammies on board; "It's literally like Inception, where five minutes is like an hour,' he laughed, but added that, 'the craic you have and the fun you have, and that feeling of going on to another place, it's exciting, whatever age you are."

Nancy also enjoyed her experience for the third time round and says 'never say never' when asked about another possible series. Or what about a series where Nancy got to choose what Baz did?

"Breaking Baz", joked Baz. "It would be a short half -hour Christmas special."

"I know too much." Nancy smiled.

We think it sounds like a winner, but maybe next year.

Until then, you can catch 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammies on Monday nights on Sky 1 at 9pm.