What with Donald Trump being acquitted by the US Senate for inciting his followers to attack buildings at the US Capitol, it was certain that 'SNL' were going to cover the impeachment trial in their cold open last night.

The whole segment kicked off with Tucker Carlson - played by Alex Moffat - interviewing Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz - played by Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant - after the impeachment trial ended. As if to keep things even more topical, there was a shout-out to the 'Free Britney' movement in Graham's speech extolling the Republican victory over logic and common sense.

Just as a reminder, in real life, Lindsey Graham described Trump as a "race-baiting, xenophobic, bigot" before he was elected and also said that if he were given the Republican nomination, their party would be destroyed and they would deserve it. Ted Cruz, meanwhile, was caught on Twitter publicly liking a clip from PornHub and keeps getting into fights with Seth Rogen. So, y'know, not exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Oh, and Donald Trump called his wife ugly. That too.

Shortly after that, Mitch McConnell - played with frightening attention to detail by Beck Bennett - came on and admitted that, yes, Donald Trump is guilty as hell and deserves to be kicked out of US politics for the remainder of his life.

Still, of course, you can't have Republicans acting like human beings so the sketch ends with the usual piece to camera, reminding the rest of the world that the US is basically a state doomed to repeat the same thing in about four years time if Donald Trump doesn't drop dead by then.

Here's the clip.