And his wife Anne-Marie is not happy. Understandably so given he's a shadow of his former self.

Someone speaking with The Sun said: "She couldn't believe how much he'd changed after ten days in the jungle. He looks really unwell and vulnerable. He's lost a lot of weight and is exhausted. Doctors have prescribed lots of rest until he recovers. Anne-Marie was hugely supportive of Brian's decision to go on the show, but now you can't blame her wishing he hadn't. She wants to know how this happened and why bosses did not intervene earlier."

Call me a cynical ole troll, but maybe they were hoping it would make for good TV.

The source, who presumably works for the ITV show, added: "We pride ourselves on ensuring celebrities are equipped for the challenge, but it seems one slipped through the net."

An actual spokesperson for the station released the following statement: "The safety and welfare of our contestants is of paramount importance. All contestants are assessed by independent medical experts. We also have contact where necessary with the celebrities’ GPs. Medical personnel are also available 24 hours a day to provide support if it is needed."

>Brian Conley leaves the jungle due to 'mystery illness'