And there we thought producers were trying to get herself and David Haye together, what with teaming them up for the meddling challenge last week and what not. Someone must have remembered that David got married in 2008, because now that she's out of the jungle she's being paired up with every single man she encounters.

First, Declan Donnelly. Speaking with The Sun during her obligatory poolside photo shoot, she said: "All I know about him is he made me eat a fish eyeball. But it's really flattering that he said nice things, because I did not feel attractive in the jungle. I was all disgusting and gross. Your nails get full of dirt and you get a black ring inside your nostrils from all the grime, which is not cute at all. So I don't know how anyone ended up liking me, but it's nice… I'd like to get to know Dec better. It would be nice to go for a drink and a chat."

None of us were under your nails or hanging round the inside of your nostril, Ashley, all we have was the fringed bikini.

Next up for the romance rumour mill - Mark Wright. They were seen flirting at the wrap party, which can be seen on Wednesday's 'Coming Out' special (8.00pm, UTV and 3e). We're not sure who started coming on to who, but given she turned up in denim short shorts and leopard print heels, while Mark arrived resembling a barbequed sausage, we can only assume he approached her.

The Daily Mail reports: " After meeting at the wrap party at the Versace hotel on Australia's Gold Coast, the pair and a group of friends, including David Haye (the Mail haven't given up on that one), went clubbing together until the early hours… In the bar of the Palazzo Versace hotel after the wrap party, our spies spotted the pair downing cocktails - and shots - before being joined by a number of other celebrities from the show… However, when everyone else decided it was time to go to bed; the two flirts decided to carry on partying. At 3:30am, the gang was spotted returning to the six-star hotel. They were giggling and merry - and were last seen slipping into a lift."

Someone primed to speak with the Mail said: "The pair didn't want the party to end, which is why they decided to hit the local clubs for some saucy dancing and a night to remember. A new jungle romance is clearly on the cards!" Especially now that she's entertaining a slew of television offers in the UK, "including a rumoured stint as an X Factor host for the 2013 series." Christ, If Dermot O'Leary's jumping ship, the X Factor has officially devoid of any redeemable qualities...

Oh, and lastly, Mark Wright's I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here Now co-host Joe Swash asked Ashley for a date during a live broadcast. But the less said about that the better.

For the two of you at the back there who didn't know, Charlie Brooks off EastEnders won the show, as predicted from day one. Although that upsetting business involving producers depriving her 7-year-old daughter of a chance meeting with her mum during one of the trials would have helped matters. Thankfully there was an upside to an otherwise bottom clenchingly uncomfortable / needless situation.

I'm a Celerity... Get Me Out Of Here! Coming Out special is on Wednesday at 8.00pm on 3e and UTV.