Victors of the first Bush Tucker trial, Croc Creek (comprising of Janine off EastEnders, the Hayemaker, Botox much Brian Conly, and Linda off Birds of a Feather) had nary gotten their winning wallaby shanks on the go when a close up of Rosie Webster's bikini clad posterior put in an impromptu appearance by the fire. Yep, less than 24 hours into the bush, and Helen Flanagan is already letting it all hang out - and not just fireside, or in the shower; in an 'I'm a Celebrity... first', she also managed to disrobe for Ant and Dec's jaunt into the jungle to announce who would be facing tonight's Bush Tucker Trial.

Unsurprisingly given the squeals, laboured breathing and mascara strewn face Rosie also provided us with yesterday, she will face being buried in a coffin full of critters for ten minutes on tonight's show. The person she will go head to head with is the other female the press have obsessed themselves with, recently suspended MP Nadine Dorries, AKA EastEnders' Carol Jackson on a good day. She is currently making a nuisance of herself as the self-appointed head of Snake Rock, which includes Colin Baker, Hugo off Made in Chelsea, the mardy darts player and the arbitrary Pussycat Doll.

Rosie (let's face it, we know her more as Rosie, and in light of our first introduction to 'Helen' there seems to have been little in the way of acting during her extended stint on Corrie) and her willingness to showcase the goods in record time has raised alarm bells. Put it this way, if you were going to be in the jungle for a few weeks and were basing all future projects around your body in a bikini (although she could land a contract for waterproof mascara, now that would be a coup), wouldn't you partake in an extended 'dance of the seven veils' to hold your audience captive? You know, instead of getting your bum out during dinner on the first night? In short, it hums of an early departure. Get in there, show them what they want, leave unexpectedly, make them all miss the boob shots, and then unleash them for realz in the next edition of Nuts. Textbook.

Apart from Rosie departing at the earliest opportunity, I also predict that Charlie Brooks will win the contest outright. That and professional Dandy Hugo Taylor will also do surprisingly well - largely due to his views that Nadine should be more concerned with the constituents who voted her in, as opposed to cavorting around the jungle, moaning about having to empty the dunny with her "bare hands." Should bring you back to your days of nursing, Nadine.

When Hugo questioned her appearance on the reality show, Nadine retorted: "Sixteen million people watching this show. That's how politics should be. Sixteen million people do not watch Prime Minister's Question Time or Question Time."

If Mr. Cameron arranged for Rosie Off Corrie to wander around armed with a placard announcing what round it was it might boost the ratings somewhat. That's if the esteemed members of parliament could stomach the "stink of fake tan." And that insight came from David Haye, a man recently enclosed in a booth filled with maggots and cockroaches.

I'm a Celebrity... can be seen tonight on UTV and 3e from 9.00pm. See last night's episode in pictures here.