The crew and contestants of this year's 'I'm a Celebrity' won't be flying in style all the way down under... they'll be getting the bus into the miserable countryside.

Swapping heatwaves in the Australian jungle for rainy days in a castle in the UK, we're not sure what to make of this 'I'm a Celebrity' 2020 series news this morning. According to ITV, all of their efforts to bring this year's series back to Australia has fallen apart, and they've been forced to relocate to the British countryside.

According to the press release, Ant and Dec will indeed return to put a fresh batch of celebrities through their paces in a different, more homely environment for this year's edition.

The statement reads: "As on the regular series, viewers will see the celebrities undertake gruelling trials and fun-filled challenges to win food and treats in the lead up to one of them being crowned, for the first time ever, King or Queen of the Castle."

Richard Cowles, Director of Entertainment at ITV Studios commented on the news: "We pulled out all the stops to try and make the series happen in Australia. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and despite us looking at many different contingencies, it became apparent that it just wasn’t possible for us to travel and make the show there.

"However, we are all really excited about a UK version of 'I’m A Celebrity'. While it will certainly be different producing the show from the UK, the same tone and feel will remain.

"Our celebrities will probably have to swap shorts for thermals but they can still look forward to a basic diet of rice and beans and plenty of thrills and surprises along the way."

Apart from us wondering who will be up for taking part in this potentially rain-soaked version of 'I'm a Celebrity' this year (Vernon Kay had previously been rumoured, although we're not sure about how he'd feel now), the biggest question we have is - what will this UK castle version of the Bush Tucker Trial be called?

Please send your answers on a postcard into us. Out vote? The Hedge Hogger Trial. It's got a certain ring to it, no?