Welsh police have launched an investigation in relation to the creepy crawlies that may have been released during filming of the reality series.

It seems the UK may be overrun with lots of new non-native wildlife thanks to ITV's home version of this year's 'I'm A Celeb'. Or at least, that's what the police are concerned about.

Officials are worried that the Welsh countryside - and eventually the UK - will become overrun with all types of little creatures after the series wraps in a couple of weeks time. The Bushtucker Trials, whereby the celebrity contestants have to undergo arduous tasks, are seen as the main culprit.

According to multiple sources, cockroaches, maggots, spiders and worms which aren't usually found in the Welsh countryside could threaten the natural wildlife of the area. Gwrych Castle in north Wales is where the show is being held this year (which had a drone problem not so long ago too).

TV presenter and naturalist Iolo Williams has voiced his concern with the show, saying: "I’m not sure which species they’re releasing, but I can tell you they’re not native. We don’t have those cockroaches here in the UK and we certainly don’t have them in north Wales."

ITV has apparently said that the insects used on the game show were non-invasive, but declined to comment on which actual species were used for filming. North Wales police are looking into the matter.

Here's one of the latest trials from the series, which features contestant Shane Richie having to crawl amongst pythons, toads and scorpions...

The 'I'm A Celeb' final will air on December 4.