Yes, we are stirring it slightly but we are just telling you what Kendra said, alright! The American glamour model/TV personality/we-don't-really-know-what-she-does was only delighted last night when she didn't have to share a camp with Irish model/singer/we-don't-really-know-what-she-does Nadia Forde.

All the celebs are in two camps at the moment, one with a hell of a lot more perks than the other. After former footballer Jimmy Bullard won his bushtucker trial for his team last night, he had a choice between food for all his camp or letting one celeb go over to the posh camp. He chose the latter, letting Vicki Michelle head on over to the other team.

The news came as a relief to Kendra who just didn't really want to deal with Nadia at all; "I'm glad we voted in Vicki because to me she's beautiful but a little less threatening than Nadia."

"I'm not ready to compete in bodies right now. I already have Mel. Stop throwing these models in my face. God, it's not fair. If that Nadia comes walking in with a grass skirt and little fruit top... I'm going to start doing my sit ups," she added.

Did we mention Kendra is a former Playboy model? Yeah, don't think she has anything to worry about.

It is only a matter of time though until they are all in the same camp, in the meantime Nadia and her fellow slammer friends were last night given a knitting challenge - four biscuits for every ten rows knitted. Nadia managed 49 lines too, that-a girl! Although Gemma then refused to eat the biscuits, there's just no pleasing some folk.

Nadia Forde ensures viewers' votes by fashioning a bikini out of bits of bark