James Haskell has revealed that he threw a Bushtucker Trial during his time on 'I'm A Celeb'. Former rugby player Haskell was voted out of the Jungle on Tuesday night and was on 'I'm A Celebrity: Extra Camp' last night chatting about his time on the show.

The Bushtucker Trial in question saw Haskell represent fellow campmate Cliff Parisi in a drinking challenge against Myles Stephenson. Due to health reasons, Parisi wasn't able to take part in some Bushtucker Trials so he nominated James to take his place.

However, in unaired scenes right before the trial, Cliff told James to try to lose so that he had a chance to be voted off.

James said on 'Extra Camp': "It was a bit weird with the drinking challenge, with Cliff, because beforehand [in camp], he said to me, "I’m not liking it, I want to leave, please don’t win."

"So I basically said okay, I went up and saw I was against Myles and said, 'Cliff’s got my back and said I’ll buy you a pint and dinner if you don’t win for me'."

However, James said that "negative editing" made him look the villain after he appeared to slow up in the drinking challenge.

"I'm really competitive," he said. "So I started, realised I was beating Myles, so stopped and slowed down.

"But then Caitlyn, bless her, she can’t hear very well… She’d heard me say something, so was like, 'What? What did you say? Don’t let Cliff win?'.

"I was like, 'Caitlyn, shut up! We’ve got it all under control!' I don’t know what got broadcast but they [viewers] sometimes don’t see those bits but you do what people in the camp want and help them out."

Sounds fair. Cliff was voted out of the Jungle on Monday night so it must have worked.