After news broke just before Christmas that RTE was refusing to broadcast the IFTAs this year, the Academy's CEO Aine Moriarty has hit out at the broadcaster.

"When the critics were out baying for blood, it was pretty disingenuous to say that it wasn't anything to do with them and that it was an IFTA production," said Moriarty in a recent interview.

Baying for blood aside, the IFTAs '14 was an ungodly sh*t-show that made for great sport and deserved to be torn to shreds. We watched it last year. It was awful.

Moriarty continued, claiming that the IFTAs received only a tenth of the budget that the BAFTAs receives from the BBC.

That might have something to do with the viewing figures for BBC and RTE being massively different.

Just a thought, you guys.

The IFTAs are already in talks with another broadcaster about taking over the event, but would not reveal which one.

But there's only one other national TV station in Ireland, unless she meant TG4 or UTV Ireland?

There's been no word yet from TV3 or any other station if they plan to broadcast the IFTAs.

Folks, if we have to don a tuxedo and live-tweet IFTA '15 from the room itself, that's what we'll do.