Netflix has begun a series of crackdowns on people using VPNs or proxies to circumvent their location to access the US Netflix library.

Translation? If you're using US Netflix and you're not in the US, you won't be much longer.

Due to the complicated licensing agreements that Netflix's signed with movie and TV studios, certain films and series are available in the US and Mexico, but not on UK / Ireland Netflix.

Just recently, Netflix US added all ten seasons of Friends whilst many other films that have only just been released in Ireland are available on the American version of the site.

In Australia, it was reported that almost 200,000 people were using Netflix even though the VOD service hasn't been rolled out in that country.

In Ireland, many people are using American DNS servers to bypass Netflix's location services and access the US version.

The VOD service are rolling out measures that will ensure people are watching Netflix with their own region's library.

Movie studios have been putting pressure on Netflix to enforce the licencing agreements it signed in order to stream their films.



Netflix issued a statement just recently, saying that it will not be treating VPNs any differently. It's not yet known if this will also effect people using proxy servers, as some have noted issues with using both a proxy and VPN. These services issues were understood to be Netflix attempting to force people out of using VPNs and proxies, although that may not be the case going by their statement.

Translation? Maybe they're not cracking down. Maybe.