We’re talking about children’s stories here fyi, so get those naughty thoughts out of your head.

While Tom Hardy’s TV outing Taboo has been getting a lukewarm reception compared to what was expected, he has had another venture on the small screen of late that’s proven very popular indeed.

The Mad Max: Fury Road star has recently read not one but two Bedtime Stories for children’s network CBeebies. The first, which aired on New Year’s Eve, can be seen below:


Hardy also read a story for Valentine’s Day last week (for which his dog makes another adorable appearance). The full video is not available yet but the trailer for it can be seen here:


The latter got a particularly, erm, excited reception:







Buzzfeed TV editor Scott Bryan has since announced via Twitter that Hardy has recorded five stories altogether for CBeebies, which means we’ll get to see him on the telly being his charming self three more times.