After an illegal TV streaming service was shut down in Ireland four days ago, Gardai are now set to begin contacting customers who purchased the service as part of a Europe-wide investigation into the service.

The Sunday Times (Ireland) reports that Gardai from the Intellectual Property Crime Unit will likely contact customers registered on the streaming service's database, however it's as yet unclear if they can be charged with any crimes, such as purchasing or accessing pirated content.

The Europol-led investigation saw houses raided across Ireland, Scotland and England in an attempt to clamp down on illegal streaming boxes. Technical staff from BSkyB and Virgin Media are also said to have helped with the investigation, which has so far led to four arrests so far, however all four have now been released.

Illegal streaming is clearly a big business, as over €84,000 had been frozen across six bank accounts and two credit union accounts, as well as nine third-party payment accounts with over €700,000 paid into them were also discovered.