*Below are spoilers for anyone who is not up to date on Game of Thrones.

The speculation over Game of Thrones season six really is never-ending, mainly due to those heartbreaking final moments of the season five finale, and the fact that the TV show has pretty much caught up with the books, so for the first time, nobody knows what's coming next. Well except George RR Martin and all those people contracted up to their eyeballs who are working on the show of course.

Now however we have received a juicy new clue over what to expect from actor Ian McShane, who is set to appear in the upcoming season.

McShane told Pop Goes The News; "I am responsible for bringing somebody back that you think you’re never going to see again. I’ll leave it at that."

He went on to say; “[It’s] a one-off episode. That’s why I did it. But I can’t reveal anything, otherwise I will never work again.”

That's plenty to reveal in our opinion, but no doubt he was cleared to say that much.

Naturally, like ourselves, you are probably hoping the resurrection will involve our dear Jon Snow, and while that is a possibility, fans are more so leaning towards him playing an Elder Brother who it is believed brings... wait for it... The Hound back to life.

Yep, Arya's bestie may just be making his way back to season 6, which can be somewhat corroborated by the fact that actor Rory McCann was seen hanging about in Belfast recently. 

The last we saw of The Hound, Arya had left him on a hilltop to die a slow painful death instead of doing as he asked and ending his life quickly. It was a pretty cold moment from Arya considering all they had been through, but then he was on her 'list'.

No doubt these two have plenty of unfinished business if it is in fact The Hound returning.

The other theory is that he could be playing a character called Septon Meribald, who in the book leads Brienne of Tarth to the Quiet Isle where she meets..... Okay, before we continue, this is a potential huge spoiler from the books.







Where she meets the undead Catelyn Stark, Lady Stoneheart. Yep, in the books Catelyn Stark comes back to life in pretty much a terrifying zombie form. Fans were expecting her to show up in season four however, and it had seemed like this was just another aspect of the book that showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss had chosen to leave out... or have they?

Either way, someone's come back from the dead y'all, and soon.