It's just been announced that British actor Ian McShane is joining the cast of Game of Thrones for its sixth season.

McShane's distinctive voice and presence has been seen in HBO's Deadwood, the Jonathan Glazer-directed gangster thriller Sexy Beast and eh... Lovejoy. That thing your Mam watched back in the day about an antiques dealer.

The role McShane will play hasn't yet been disclosed, but we've got a pretty good idea who it'll be.

If you're afraid of potential spoilers, turn away now.




Still here? Good. Let's continue.

Bookreaders will know of a character called Euron Greyjoy, who was brother to Lord Balon Greyjoy and uncle to Theon Greyjoy.

The Greyjoys played a major role in the later books, especially Euron and Theon's sister, Yarra - although she was known as Asha in the books.

Anyway, Euron Greyjoy returns from a long voyage with something that'll directly affect Daenarys and her dragons - namely, the Dragon's Horn.

This device is said to bend dragons to his will and since we know they're going to play a bigger part in the next season, it seems logical to introduce both this and Euron Greyjoy.

Personally, we can't think of a better actor to play Euron. The character is described as a black-haired, one-eyed pirate king who's been sailing in foreign waters for many years.

That's McShane down to a tee, we think. But more importantly, what do you think? Sound off in the comments!