An American author has come up with a novel way of getting two of our favourite actors back onto our screens for an old fashioned murder mystery TV series.

Best friends Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart have been dragged into one author's dream TV series - and it doesn't sound half-bad. In fact, it sounds like just the type of content we need in the world right now.

M. L. Brennan, who is the author of the urban fantasy series 'Generation V', has tweeted her idea for what sounds like a hit TV series starring Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. Her idea is for the pair to be next-door neighbours who are constantly arguing about their gardens - but who also solve crime together. Oh, and of course there's a "super hot grandson" in the mix too. Typical.

Here's the idea for her potential story.

It was a nice little tease by Brennan, but then other fans began to make suggestions which turned this from being an idea for a TV show into something that needs to be made. Here's some of the best inclusions to the as-yet unmade TV show - basically every talented English actor gets a role.

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart have yet to comment on the potential new TV series - so don't hold your breath just yet.