Are they remaking specifically Cheers - like with Sammy, Diane, postman Cliffy Clavin and Frasier the eminent psychiatrist? Or are they just setting a sitcom in an Irish boozer? i.e. just a load of Nahmie Peterson's propping up the bar, avoiding the wife, and generally soaking themselves into an early grave.

According to RTE, Irish production company Sideline has "signed a deal with CBS Broadcasting, to produce an Irish version of the successful '80s show for TG4. The Dublin based company is said to be already working on casting, script edition and translation of 275 scripts from the classic show."

Apparently they're using the working title of Teach Sean. Which, given my wealth of knowledge of our mother tongue, translates as 'Sean's House.' Super. What's wrong with 'Slainte', hah?

We will, of course, join everyone in willing this Irish remake not let the wit of the original get somewhat lost in translation...