First it was an accident, then it was the makeup artist's fault and then it was his own and now Hughie Maughan is apparently getting death threats over his fake tan on 'Dancing with the Stars' on Sunday night.

While many have just taken to laughing about it (including Maughan), there allegedly people out there who aren't happy with Hughie, who this afternoon tweeted that he was "receiving death threats" over his heinous tan.

Meanwhile, the Independent is reporting that Hughie has been given a warning about his tan and that the incident will not be allowed to repeat itself.

"He was told the first week to lay off on the tan and he was told again last Sunday to leave it to the professionals and not be doing it himself, but he still went ahead of put on too much," a source told the Indo.

"There’s 11 celebrities competing on the show and it’s not fair to the rest of them when his tan is all anyone is talking about on social media. He needs to make the headlines for his dancing and not his tanning."

A spokesperson for the show also spoke to the Independent, putting the blame firmly on Maughan, saying: "Since the start of the show, Hughie has been applying his own fake tan, and it has become a major obsession. When he arrived on set last Sunday, the several layers of self-applied tan was very patchy. Makeup did their best to try and even out the tone."

"Production is urging him to stop this over-usage and allow the experts to take over," she added. "He just overdid it, it was mistake, and it won’t happen again."

Fingers crossed, for his own sake.