A good way to know someone is to ask whether they're a dog person or a cat person.

Better than politics, music, food, whatever - a dog person or a cat person tells you a lot, and there's some pretty good psychology to back this up. Obviously, cat people will tell you that cats are just more intelligent, independent and can be affectionate, while dog people will point a dog's loyalty above all else.

Naturally enough, with the cast of 'Cats' and 'The Gentlemen' on last night's 'Graham Norton', the topic of cat people versus dog people came up for discussion. Intriguingly, Matthew McConaughey is both a dog-and-cat person, recognising that cats can pretty much do their own thing whereas dogs need a little bit more attention.

Hugh Grant, however, generally prefers cats, but does find certain mannerisms on their behalf "objectionable", to use his own word. In fairness, it makes complete sense after he explains it and even if you are a cat person, it still makes sense.

Nobody should have to tolerate a cat's asshole in their face. Take a look.