The ninth and final series of the hit US show How I Met Your Mother came to an end last week in the States and has become one of the most debated series closers ever, with fans even launching a petition to have the ending changed.

Warning there is spoilers here!

The show's controversial hour long finale showed that the mother had in fact died, Robin and Barney were divorced, and older Ted ended up with his 'will they/won't they' friend and ex Robin. Some loved it, but many did not.... like folk really did not take this well.

The show's executive producer Carter Bays has now revealed that there is an alternative ending to the series, and it will be included in the DVD box set.

He said; "If you didn’t like the finale, I guess that happens. We tried something and it didn’t connect with you. I hope we’re still friends. So anyway, here’s a bit of news: 16 days ago today we were in the HIMYM edit room, trying to decide between two very different endings. We only shot one script, but through edit room magic we had two possible outcomes for the series. We chose the ending we chose and we stand by it. But we loved the other version too. We’re going to include that version on the Complete Series DVD as an alternate finale to How I Met Your Mother."

It's not known how exactly it will be edited yet, but we're assuming it will involve the mother alive and well, with all blue French horns left on the editing suite floor. We will have to wait and see though, as the box set isn't out until Autumn this year. Probably around the time the series finally comes to air here on our shores, seriously E4, what's with the hold up?

Here's how it actually ended;