After ALL that... seriously? We were actually starting to get pretty excited about How I Met Your Dad, well, mildly curious anyways. It had been announced that indie lady Greta Gerwig would play the lead and even Meg Ryan had been brought in to narrate her older counterpart. However the network CBS, which aired How I Met Your Mother, has turned down the show after they failed to agree on a pilot.

CBS' Nina Tassler said yesterday; "There were elements on the pilot that didn't work out. We tried to work out about redoing the pilot. That's not happening right now. Sometimes you run into these kind of issues and you hope they can resolve themselves in that time frame." Tassler went on to say;"I'm heartsick; we loved this brand and we love the producers but it didn't work out."

It's not necessarily the end of the road for the spin-off though, the pilot will be shopped to other networks as is how things work over in America TV land. Although CBS passing on it does not bode well for the show. It might be for the best though, they probably would have just strung us along for nine seasons only to end in a finale that would divide friendships and nations as to whether it was apt or not. Sure who needs that drama?