To be fair, it is quite spooky just how accurate The Simpsons have been about a number of things - most recently, they predicted the US curling team's victory at the Winter Olympics - and there's every possibility that the writing staff has some version of the Sport's Almanac from Back To The Future.

YouTube channel ChannelFrederator does a good explainer on how some of the predictions may have come together - primarily because, well, any of the predictions they made could have conceivably come true and the sheer volume of episodes means they're bound to be right eventually.

Take a look.

So, that's the logical explanation for how they do it. The crazy one? 

Matt Groening's actually some kind of high-ranking Freemason who's been littering The Simpsons with nods, winks and references to his all-powerful colleagues in the Freemasons.

It's not enough that they made an entire episode out of them, no - there's references to the Freemasons being behind 9/11, CERN being controlled freemasons who want to build a gateway to the Alpha Draconis system to bring in the lizards who are controlling the governments of the world.



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