It's safe to say that Season 1 of 'House of the Dragon' was a huge success, with many fans praising the production and storyline after a disappointing final season of 'Game of Thrones'.

The GoT spin-off, which is set centuries before the events that we see in Westeros in the HBO hit, documented the rise of the Targaryen dynasty and Season 1 ended on quite a cliffhanger with a big and dramatic dragon fight that changed the course of the story.

The final episode of Season 1 aired in October 2022 and now, news of Season 2 has finally been announced.

It will begin airing in June, according to HBO, although an exact release date has not yet been revealed.

New cast members for Season 2 include Gayle Rankin, Simon Russell Beale, Freddie Fox and Abubakar Salim were announced to have joined the cast for the second season as Alys Rivers, Ser Simon Strong, Ser Gwayne Hightower and Alyn of Hull, respectively.