It's safe to say that Irish actor Andrew Scott's stock has risen considerably since his role in 'Fleabag'.

True, he may have to suffer through a few more years of being known as 'Hot Priest', but it's a small price to pay for his newfound global fame.

His recent appearance on Stephen Colbert, meanwhile, will no doubt earn him a few more fans.

During his chat with Colbert, Scott discussed the Pope's recent hint that Catholic priests may be allowed to marry at some point in the future. A synod (meeting of bishops) is being held in Rome this month to discuss the matter, primarily regarding the possibility of certain married men in the Amazon region being made priests.

"The Pope has just come out this week, talking about opening up the discussion of allowing priests to get married - which I really welcome," he said, to applause from the audience. He added that he had been brought up in 'Catholic Ireland' where there were dwindling numbers of priests.

"I really do feel we could do something about these dwindling numbers [if priests were allowed to get married]," he added, while Colbert revealed that he himself would have considered becoming a priest if that had been the case.

Watch it below: