**Season three spoilers below**
Homeland is back again this year for another season, all be it without one of its main stars as we sadly (and rather traumatically) said farewell to Nick Brody at the end of season three. So what direction can the show go in now you'd wonder? We're going to guess terrorist attack, but that's a shot in the dark.

Some kind of new element certainly needs to be brought into the show to keep the audience hooked and so far that seems to be happening with the addition of some new characters. First up, Bored to Death's Laila Robin will be joining the cast, TVLine.com reports that Robins will play Martha Boyd, the United States Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The second addition to the cast you may know from Netflix's House of Cards as actor Corey Stoll will play Sandy Bachman, the CIA Chief of Station in Pakistan. Delighted to see this fella back on screen again, as he really did have quite the hard time of it with that Frank Underwood in House Of Cards. (Bath anyone?)

We don't know too much else about this fourth season yet, but US network Showtime has said it will see Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) "assigned to one of the most volatile and dangerous CIA stations in the Middle East".

David Nevins, president of Showtime told The Guardian; "Homeland is a show that is deeply about a field operative [Carrie], and we haven’t seen her much in the field,” he said. “In season four you will likely see her on the ground in a foreign capital doing her job.”

And what of this baby of hers? Last we seen her father Frank was going to look after the child, but this brings in another question as to who will play Carrie's father now that actor James Rebhorn has sadly passed away.

We will have to wait a bit longer to find out though as season four production will only begin this month in Cape Town, South Africa and will premiere later on this year.