What could possible be better than Home and Away's Brax whipping the guns out on a sunny beach? Eh, him whipping the guns out on a sunny beach in a historical drama perhaps? Seems like that's about to happen, given the fact that Steve Peacocke's taking a break from the Bay to head off to Hollywood and film a brand new version of Hercules.

Yup, the actor told Yahoo! that he found time to film a little demo tape for the big blockbuster, and will soon be flying off the Los Angeles to film his supporting role in the movie. Now, if you're a big fan of the River Boy don't be panicking just yet: Steve's reassured his legions of fans that he won't be leaving the soap for good.

"It signals the launch for a whole new storyline that would not have come about if I did not get this film role. The writers came up with this awesome scenario, Brax leaves the storyline and comes back. It's going to be exciting to come back to, I can't wait."

Phew. Sure we're barely over Romeo leaving lads, we simply couldn't handle another departure.