What? We totally don't still watch Home and Away, do you? God, grow up already. If we DID though we would be pretty devastated to learn that the show is planning on killing off one of its most loved characters, and it's looking fairly likely it will be a Braxton.

In scenes that will be aired in Australia next week, the person will be killed off by Summer Bay's current evil villain Jake Pirovic. He murdered the lovely Charlie Buckton back in 2012 if you remember (the b*stard!). Five potential victims have been lined up including Brax, Casey, Kyle, Josh and Andy, one of which will be shot dead for Jake's 'final revenge'.

It will all kick off when Andy rallies Casey to track down a missing Josh. Casey is adamant to keep his brother Brax out of trouble, but unbeknownst to him, his girlfriend Denny goes to Brax for help. Oh and in case you missed it, Jake was also revealed as the leader of a drugs gang that Andy was involved with recently. All of this leads to a dramatic showdown which will change all their lives FOREVER. So yeah, someone's gonna die y'all.

Why do we think it's a Braxton? Well the odds are in our favour really but we are pretty confident it has to be Casey. 'Why??!' you may plead, while cursing the heavens. Actor Lincoln Younes, who plays Casey, is all set to leave the show this year to head over to LA to take his chances there for a while.

He follows in the footsteps of his on-screen brother Heath (played by Dan Ewing) who has also headed to America to try his luck. In fairness, considering the success of previous Home and Away stars like Chris Hemsworth and Isla Fisher, they are right to think they stand a fairly good chance.

And, it also gives us hope that while the Braxton era may be coming to an end in Summer Bay, we could still see plenty more of them on our screens in the future.

However that would be if we still watched it or even cared. Which we don't.