For those that spent the majority of your teenage years glued to Home and Away, (or for those that still watch it, no judgement here) you will be happy to know one of its most popular characters is set to return. No, Shane is not coming back from the dead, (although what IS Dieter Brummer doing these days?), it's actually Hayley Smith!

The character was played by actress Bec Hewitt from 1998 to 2005, if you remember they actually did a move that only Home and Away can truly get away with and had a different actress play the character for a few months. It's understood it's because Hewitt had to leave the show for personal reasons.

It looks like she could now be on her way back to Summer Bay though as insiders have said; "Hayley is coming back after a decade as an older beauty with great character and impeccable morals and sparks fly with a younger man."

Wonder will she bring her cutie brother Will with her? And why didn't anyone ever acknowledge how strange it was that he was called Will Smith huh?