Well it was just a week or two ago we were talking about our sheer devastation that actor Steve Peacocke was leaving his role as Darryl 'Brax' Braxton in Home and Away and trying his luck stateside for a while.

Well it seem the risk has paid off, and rather quickly too, as it was announced yesterday that the actor has landed a role in an upcoming movie starring Tina Fey and fellow expat Margot Robbie.

The movie, which will be called Taliban Shuffle, is based on Kim Barker’s wartime memoir and will see Fey play an adrenaline junkie journalist who recounts six years of reporting in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. While Peacoke is set to play her "alpha-male Kiwi bodyguard'" who takes quite a shining to her, Deadline reports. Tina Fey has all the luck....

This isn't Peacocke's first Hollywood flick either as he made an appearance last year in Hercules alongside Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

Peacocke follows in the footsteps of other successful Home and Away alumni including Isla Fisher and most recently Chris Hemsworth. While his on-screen brothers are also thought to have headed to Hollywood to try their luck.

The actor has already filmed his final scenes for the soap but never fear, he will still be on our screens here in the northern hemisphere for the best part of 2015. Sure at that stage he could already be on the big screen! In summary, everything is going to be okay, Brax fans.