Queue thousands of fan-girls running to sign up to Tinder. You could meet a Braxton on it for crying out loud. Well you could have two years ago, if you were in Australia.... so a lot of ifs, buts and maybes there.

Actor Nic Westaway who plays Kyle Braxton has revealed he met his model girlfriend Shenae Gillespie on the dating app. His friends convinced him to sign up to it a couple of years ago after he joined the cast of Home and Away and was finding it difficult to meet someone. Yep, turns out starring in a hit Aussie soap does not necessarily a girlfriend bring. At least a relatively normal one.

So quick, everyone to Tinder, there's hot actors and models to be meeting*.

*We cannot guarantee that you will meet either a hot actor or a hot model on Tinder, in fact, we're going to go right ahead and say you won't.

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