So by the last episode we mean the one where The Red Viper took on The Mountain so if you haven't seen that one, look away now. For those that have, how you doing? Are you okay? We all know that Game of Thrones has never shied away from showing us scenes that have been just horrifically violent, but this week's episode takes the biscuit.

I don't know what we were even expecting, it did look like it was going very well for Prince Oberyn for a while - The Mountain was down and it seemed he had at last defeated the man that had murdered his sister. Normal TV world up until now has conditioned us to believe that the good looking man with charm and swagger will always beat the growling Bane-lookalikes that kill as if squashing beatles. (Tyrion's little anecdote about his cousin rang very true in that final scene).

But no, this is Game of Thrones, where good does not triumph over evil and the bad guy finishes first, and so The Mountain turned things around and we had to watch as this prince we had come to love met the most grizzly of ends. And what, pray tell, is going to happen Tyrion now? Surely one of the most popular characters can't die by execution? Oh no wait...  (RIP Ned Stark.)

Besides the grotesqueness of that final scene, what about the rest of episode? Sansa Stark, isn't she just becoming quite the Lady of the Manor ? Poor Littlefinger didn't know what to be doing with himself when she appeared down the stairs with her new brown locks. From all those little smirks she is making I think she quite likes him too, and he was certainly in awe of her in that episode. Could this be the beginning of another beautiful-yet-ultimately-ill-fated Game of Thrones romance?

And finally, Lord Friendzone was kicked to the curb this week as everyone learned he was one of Varys many little birds reporting back to King's Landing on Daenerys. 'I protected you. I fought for you. I killed for you. I loved you', he pleaded with her. Aw your heart would break for him all the same, we all know he really did love her, but it could be worse, at least she didn't kill him, although to be honest you'd worry more about her now without having the solid advice of Ser Jorah around to guide her, betrayal or not.

So with only two episodes left, how are they going to close out this epic fourth season? And isn't Arya at the castle where Sansa is now? Are the Stark girls finally to be reunited?

What's going to happen at this Wall too? Ygritte and her gang look set to reign destruction on them all. Although, would be nice to see her and Jon Snaaaw reunited all the same, even though they will probably be trying to kill each other. Well, she'll be trying to kill him, and telling him he knows nuthin' and what not.

This is all speculation though, nobody can know what horrors those writers have in store for us, well except those who have read the books, but it seems there are a few twists and turns for them in the TV show too.

In the meantime, you might like to know that The Viper and The Mountain are in fact all good in real life as actor Pedro Pascal posted this pic to his instagram yesterday. N'aww.