It's a pretty unmissable Graham Norton Show tonight with a lineup we think most of you are going to be happy with. Unless you don't like really, really good looking people, or muscular folk, or married rock stars, or.... rappers.

For the first time ever, the one and only Mr George Clooney will be on the show! Yes, this will be the handsome divil's debut on the Graham Norton couch as he stops by to chat about his new movie Tomorrowland, which is out this week, while Britt Robertson, his co-star, will also be in attendance. 

As well as Clooney, the man who the phrase 'built like a brick sh*thouse' could have been coined for will be taking up most of the room on the couch, as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson joins Graham to chat about his new flick 'San Andreas'. The trailer of which is below... (bang of the nineties off it though.)

Joining these lads will be actress Jessica Hynes and all round legend Hugh Laurie, while finally, to top things off, Snoop Dogg will be providing the music. 

Sure what more could you ask for?

The Graham Norton Show is on tonight on BBC1 at 10.35pm.