We've made that sound slightly more salacious that necessary. Gary Lucy doesn't exactly get involved in a three way (although I'm sure his two lurve interests would be open minded), more a love triangle.

He's not stuck between Sharon and Tanya, or Kat and Kim (imagine; death by perfumed cleavage), or Rose and Cora, rather Christian and Syed.

A Sun witterer said: "All the girls think he's a real ladies' man. But they're soon disappointed when it turns out he's not interested in women. He'll ruffle a few feathers and Christian and Syed's relationship will be tested."

Honestly Gary, just suggest a three way, everyone's a winner.

In other Enders news, the unfortunate soul who tries to play the character of Anthony Moon has been canned. He's due to depart in the coming weeks after less than a year on the soap. He's going to get himself involved in a poker game with Derek Branning, in which he's relieved of his antiques shop and, it would seem, his love interest Alice.

Speaking of his exit, Matt Lapinkas said: "I 'm having a fantastic time working on EastEnders and playing the role of Anthony Moon. Working with David Essex, Tony Discipline and the EastEnders cast has been an absolute pleasure. Although I will really miss EastEnders and everyone involved, I am very excited about future projects and what is next for me as an actor."

Not much, dear Matt, as you couldn't act your way out of a paper bag. Although your sudden departure isn't just down to that (look at Mo Harris). It invariably has more to do with you going mental in a local Asda's yoghurt aisle with girlfriend Shona McGarty (Whitney) who recently got herself suspended from the soap for poor timekeeping.