Holliday Grainger will be taking on the role that Hilary Duff was apparently paid a lump sum to walk away from when she joins Emile Hirsch for Lifetime/History's four-hour miniseies, Bonnie and Clyde,

The Borgias star and Hirsch will play the infamous bank-robbing couple in the production, which will be directed by Oscar winning director Bruce Beresford. Deadline reports that the pair join an already stellar cast featuring Holly Hunter and William Hurt.

For anyone who isn't familiar with the tale, Clyde Barrow was a bit of a charmer, who just so happened to be a convicted armed robber. Legend has it that he swept young waitress Bonnie Parker off her feet before the pair embarked on a bank robbing crmine spree. Hunter's playing Bonnie's ma while Hurt's the tough Texas ranger who tracks 'em down and.. well, we won't spoil the ending for you.

We're just glad it no longer involves Lizzie McGuire.