He's everybody's favourite mini-giant / real-life DJ and, as far as we can tell, he'll back for the sixth season of Game of Thrones.

Hodor, played by Northern Irish actor Kristian Nairn, was out recently promoting his upcoming DJ tour, imaginatively titled Rave Of Thrones (which is an awesome name, to be honest) and let the news slip. Somewhat.

"It will probably become public knowledge soon. I know Bran [Isaac Hempstead Wright] has broken the fact that he’s back, but it’s fairly self-explanatory that if Bran is back, then… Do you think I have this beard for no reason?"


So, yeah, Hodor's back. More rumours are circulating, however, about what next season will hold for Daenarys and her band of merry men and dragons.

Potential spoilers ahead, so look away now!




It's been rumoured, and on-set photos seem to confirm, that the sixth season will Daenarys and her dragon go to war against some of the Dothrkai tribes who opposed her back in the first season. Reports from the set in Almeria suggest that the Dragon Queen will be battling hordes of Dothraki before they eventually bow to her will.

When they do, she's off to Westeros to reclaim her throne. The supposed finale of the sixth season will see Daenarys make landfall on Westeros with Dothrakis AND her dragons with her, which means that the seventh season will be her conquering Westeros, one family at a time.

This tracks with what George RR Martin had originally intended, i.e. Daenarys making her way back to Westeros much sooner, so we're guessing he offered some guidance on the sixth season and her story arc. Of course, this is all educated guessing and speculation and we could be way off the mark.

Sadly, we'll nothing until the middle of 2016. Post your wild fan-theories below.