Seeing as how 'Game of Thrones' opened the gates for high-fantasy novels on TV, it's no surprise that the likes of 'The Wheel of Time' and, now, 'His Dark Materials' are getting adaptations.

'His Dark Materials' was previously adapted into a movie, starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, which ultimately flopped after it failed to ignite any kind of interest. This time around, a long-form TV series seems to be the better format for it and given the wealth of talent involved, it looks like this one might work.

James McAvoy will play Lord Asriel, while 'Logan' breakout Dafne Keen plays Lyra Belacqua, a precocious twelve-year old while Ruth Wilson will play Mrs. Coulter. You've also got Lin Manuel Miranda in there as Lee Scorseby, and Andrew Scott as Col. John Parry.

The series is being co-produced by HBO and BBC, meaning that it'll most likely air on BBC first before it goes overseas to HBO. Annoyingly, however, no air date has been announced for 'His Dark Materials' as of yet although indications are that it'll be aired some time before the end of the year, possibly as soon as next month.

Here's the trailer.