Yes, nothing is sacred. Yes, it will never match the movie, and yes, we would be only delighted to give you our top five reasons why this will never work, but dammit if we're not curious.

High Fidelity is the latest movie to fall victim to a TV adaptation. The 2000 cult classic starred John Cusack as a record shop owner who finds himself looking back at the loves of his life following a breakup. It's peak John Cusack, basically.

The movie was adapted from Nick Hornby's 1995 novel but the TV series will see writers Veronica West and Sarah Kuckserka (Bull, Ugly Betty) taking inspiration from both the book and the movie.

Most notable difference is that this time the story will be told from a female perspective but she will still be a music store owner and the story will still revolve around her love life. However the language is expected to be much more toned down from the R rated original as it's been targeted for Disney's new family friendly streaming service which will launch next year. 

Sigh. Refer to first sentence.

Via Deadline