Here's something you can take that person in your life who has a quote from 'The Simpsons' for every single situation to.

The Back Page in Dublin are hosting a table quiz all things Simpsons related on July 18th. Well, all things related to seasons one to eight ("the good ones").

The event is for charity too and is being organised by Mark Davy in aid of Pieta House. Tickets are €5 or €20 for a team of 5.

There will be general knowledge questions on 'The Simpsons' as well as finish the quote, movie homages, bonus rounds and more.

Mark will also be taking on an even bigger challenge two days later when he will cycle around Ireland, also for Pieta House.

Mark says: "My goal is to raise awareness of the rise of depression and suicide in Ireland. It is a shadow that has touched too many people in all our lives and so I'm tying to help by supporting a great cause, Pieta House.

"Hopefully I can inspire anyone in a dark place that if I can survive this cycle with far too little training anything is possible. To remind anyone in that place that they do not need to face the darkness alone and to promote the idea that we should all live a life with a little more adventure."

So get to The Back Page on July 18th and show off your Simpsons knowledge while giving a great cause some much-needed support.

Head to the Facebook event page here while if you can't make it on the night you can also donate here

And if you fancy getting some practice in, you can try out one of our quizzes.