We have a couple of seconds of footage of two new Islanders entering the 'Love Island' villa.

It's not a lot to go on but if you're as big (and as guilty) fans of the show as we are, you'll take all you can get!

It looks like in tonight's episode, a new male and female Islander - Chris and Francesca - are entering the villa.

As previously announced, Amy will leave the show tonight and it's likely that Lucie and George will be booted off too (they don't appear in the preview).

New man Chris will likely be grafting after Amber, who is still single in the villa. Meanwhile Francesca could go after Marvin or Ovie.

While Marvin is still officially coupled up with Maura, as Ovie is with Anna, Anna has pretty much dumped Ovie for Jordan while Maura will likely be on Curtis like a hawk with Amy gone.

Or could the new Islanders try to break up any of the established couples such as Tommy and Molly Mae, Anton and Belle, or Michael or Joanna?

Keep an eye on Entertainment.ie as we'll tell you more about the newbies as soon as we know.

'Love Island' continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two.