Celebrity chef Dylan McGrath took part in the final episode of the Saturday Night Show.

Before the interview, O'Connor announced that McGrath was "on painkillers, so this could be good."

A clearly disorientated McGrath came in, explaining that he was having back problems. "When I was 26, I was working every hour God sent. Now I'm 37, I'm not as I used to be."

McGrath's speech was slow and deliberate, and quite honestly, he looked like he was in pain. A lot of pain.

Naturally, Twitter picked up on this.



In fairness to Brendan, we're guessing they asked McGrath repeatedly if he was OK to go on. Should he be dragged over the coals? No.

Did it make for hugely uncomfortable telly? Absolutely. 

The full interview is up on RTE Player, if you fancy.

Now, next question, can anyone hook us up with what Dylan McGrath was on? It's a long weekend, in fairness.


Via Twitter