There will be no Late Late Show this week thanks to this Christmas lark, and no Graham Norton until New Year's Eve, so we may as well tell you what Brendan O'Connor is at.

Joining the host will be Mrs. Brown’s Boys star Eilish O’Carroll, who plays Winny on the hit show. She'll be talking about the massive success of the series and how she ended up in the show.

As well as that, Irish actor Peter O’Meara joins Brendan to talk about his role as Brian Lenihan Senior in the upcoming RTÉ One drama Charlie. You'll also know him as the ill-fated dentist on Love/Hate.

Veteran newsreader and psychotherapist Michael Murphy will be talking about how to cope with family around Christmas time. Bit late for that one though, no?

Plus, Cork musician John Spillane will be in studio to perform ’The English Market’ and to talk about his tour of New Zealand.

Yeah look, it's nothing to write home about, but you could do with having a night in after all the inevitable Stephen's Day shenanigans.