This week's episode of The Late Late Show is likely to go down in the history books for a few reasons - namely its exit poll for the referendum, but you might get something interesting out of the guest lineup.

Emmet Kirwan of Dublin Oldschool fame will be on the show to talk making a movie out of the successful stage play and, no doubt, will be reacting to the exit poll result as well.

Comedians Jason Byrne and the Apres Match gang are on, with the Apres Match gang celebrating twenty years in the business - and most likely doing a sketch or two while they're at it.

Ruth Maxwell will be on to discuss the violent attack against her which eventually saw her attacker receive an eighteen-year sentence, and author Lorna Byrne will also be discussing her new book Prayers From The Heart and her work with "angels" - as in, actual angels, while music comes from The High Kings and An Emotional Fish.

Right so.

 The Late Late Show airs at 9.35pm tomorrow night on RTÉ One.