It's no James McEvoy, Michael Fassbender and Wolverine dancing to Blurred Lines... but we'll give it a go.

The guests tonight won't exactly knock your socks off, well unless you wear Jean Paul Gaultier socks that is, as the French designer will be one of the guests on the famous red couch tonight.

American singer Barry Manilow will also be on, and while we have no evidence to suggest this will happen, we are hoping for a medley of Mandy/Can't Smile Without You/Copacabana, not too much to ask for surely?

Brenda Blethyn, the star of detective series 'Vera' will also be on, as well as Stephen Mangan, who gives Postman Pat his voice in the new movie.

So yeah, it's grand like, Graham will be there anyways and sure that's all that matters.