It's World Cup fever all over the place the last few weeks but things are starting to wrap up over in Brazil and have to say, it's leaving a gaping big hole in our telly viewing of an evening. We know we could actually go out and TALK to people, but who wants that kind of hassle? Nah, it's time to return to our trusty Netflix and see what they've got to offer for the month of July.

Archer (S4&5)

First up, seasons four and five of Archer have arrived. If you haven't taken the time to watch the exploits of this animated master spy yet then sort it out now. He's just a bit of a legend really, and season five sees a revamp of the show as they move away from Cold War espionage into more drug-fuelled plots selling a 'literal tonne of cocaine' and what not.

The Shield (S1-7)

All seven seasons of The Shield arrive to Netflix this month and follows LAPD detective Vic Mackey (or American Ross Kemp ) and his controversial Strike Team unit who skirt the law and stop at nothing to rid the streets of gang thugs and drug lords. We're SURE this wasn't Ross Kemp, yeah?


Steve Coogan – Live

Long before Steve Coogan's movies were being nominated for Oscars and the like, he was entertaining the masses with his stand up sketches and of course his character Alan Partridge. This comedy show goes all the way back twenty years ago to 1994 as he performed some of his outrageous stand up material to a live audience.

The A Team S1-5

We pity the fool who doesn't want to watch Mr T and the lads (we do, we do!) in all their eighties A-Team glory. All five seasons of the iconic series arrive to Netlfix this month so you can remind yourself of its sheer awesomeness. Although, you will have the theme tune stuck in your head forever more, but look, how bad.

Knights of Sidonia: Season 1

Knights of Sidonia is the first anime Netflix original series, so if that's the type of show that floats your boat, you should be all over this. This hotly anticipated Mecha Sci-fi series is based on the popular magna series by Tsutomu Nihei. It follows the struggle of human survival amongst the monstrous shapshifting aliens “Gauna” who all but destroyed the solar system a millennia ago and are bent on eliminating humans from existence. The only ones left are the refugees that escaped the destruction of Earth one thousand years earlier, occupying the massive ship Sidonia where a young man named Nagate Tanikaze is about to become one of Sidonia’s elite defenders against the Guana. So eh basically, aliens versus a Japanese kid... got it? Got it.

Hemlock Grove S2

This supernatural thriller returns to Netflix for its second season on July 11th which follows the strange goings-on of a small town where it seems everyone is hiding something. The series is executive producer Eli Roth's first foray into television with movies like 'Hostel' and 'Cabin Fever' on his list of credits. So in case you haven't gathered by all that, it will scare the bejaysus out of you, and we can't wait!

Luther - S3 (23 July)

A little later in the month you can watch season three of Luther starring Idris Elba as the near-genius detective waging his own war on crime. This season Luther's biggest threat could be close to home when it emerges that his own colleagues are willing to break every rule in the book to bring him down. On the plus side though, it looks like he may have found love again! So not all bad.