The couple were the latest casualty in the Mallorcan villa.

Love Island viewers, who are never slow to express their opinion, had mixed thoughts last night after newcomer Charlie and Liverpudlian Hayley were dumped off the show. The pair were in the bottom two and faced off against fan favourite Alex and Samirah but ultimately lost out in the public vote.

All dancing, all singing Eyal and partner Megan remain, as do Adam and Rosie, Laura and Wes, Jack and Dani and Georgia and Josh.

“I am gutted about leaving the villa, I would love to still be in there with the boys,” said Charlie after being voted out.

“I do feel a bit hard done by in that sense, I don’t feel it was my time to go at all I feel like I just got unlucky and invested my time wrong. I can understand why the Islanders voted me and Hayley as less compatible because obviously we weren’t compatible,” he said.

“It’s obviously not nice being the first couple dumped from the Island but to be honest, I feel okay because I know it’s not the end of the journey. I’m excited to see what’s going to come,” said Brexit 'expert' Hayley.

“I’ve got no regrets, I went in there and I was true to myself and my feelings and I wasn’t going to fake my feelings to stay in there. I took risks.”

Here’s what Twitter had to say about Charlie and Hayley:

This might be our favourite.


It was very funny, in fairness.

Bit harsh?

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