Although PirateBay was taken down just before Christmas, the website's absence has had almost no effect on downloading figures.

Unsurprisingly, Game of Thrones topped the list of pirated TV shows, according to TorrentFreak. This was followed closely by The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory, which had a whopping 3.9 million downloads in 2014.

How I Met Your Mother, which had its finale in 2014, was the fourth most downloaded show while superhero shows Gotham and Arrow came in at six and seven.

Grey's Anatomy, entering its eleventh season, was the eighth most downloaded show whilst Harvey Spector's gang (Suits) and the long-running South Park rounded at the list at nine and ten respectively.

Despite the figures shown above, downloading does little in the way of keeping shows on air as the gap between downloads and viewers becomes ever more larger.

For example, The Walking Dead had 4.8 million downloads - yet it had over SEVENTEEN MILLION viewers on US television.

Likewise, The Big Bang Theory had 3.9 million downloads and had 18,240,000 viewers on US television. This, ultimately, proves one thing - people have terrible taste.

Big Bang Theory? Honestly, like.


via Torrentfreak