Halloween TV specials tend to be revisited this time of year. 'The Office', which ran for nine seasons, had about six of them.

What you might not have known though is there was a scene cut from one of 'The Office' episodes which totally removed its Halloween content. The episode in question is 'Koi Pond', season 6 episode 8. It centres around the aftermath of Michael falling into a koi pond.

When the episode originally aired in 2009, it opened with a cold open depicting the Dunder Mifflin warehouse being transformed into a haunted house. It featured Jim in his Facebook costume, with just the word "book" written across his face. In the episode, Darryl brings some children around the haunted warehouse. It goes horribly wrong when Michael simulates a suicide, terrifying the children.

The scene was highly criticised following its original airing. Thus it was promptly removed from the episode in any reruns or future streaming versions, including on Netflix in America, and wasn't on the DVD box set either.

The official 'The Office' YouTube account uploaded the clip two years ago. But thanks to nostalgia around the series, and it being that spooky time of year, the footage has resurfaced.