Yep, 'Love Island' has us all saying "crack on" now.

Many of you might have been wondering just how Zara might be feeling about Adam's latest exploits in Casa Amor, so the folks on 'Aftersun' decided to go all Gogglebox and record her watching it.

It's pretty rough, but at least she has two mates beside her.

It seems that isn't enough to totally put Zara off though, as she told 'Aftersun' host Caroline Flack that she may still wait for him.

"It’s difficult – I’ve left, he’s still in the game," she said. "What choice does he have after he’s decided to stay in?"

On Adam's kiss with Darylle, Zara said: "It’s hard to watch. This time a couple of days ago we were together. What we had was genuinely so real.

"It was the most amazing thing, it really made my time in there so special. No one can take away from me how amazing he was."

Oh dear, the girl has it BAD.

In other 'Love Island' news, fans of the show are feeling like the producers went too far with showing Dani the clip of Jack reacting to his ex walking into Casa Amor.

Catch more of the drama tonight on 'Love Island' on 3e at 9pm for the post Casa Amor recoupling.... sh*t's going to get AWKWARD.