Hozier was on last night's 'Late Late Show' for the customary interview with Tubbers, followed by a performance of 'Movement', a haunting track from his upcoming album, 'Wasteland, Baby'.

The album is set for release on March 1st, his second album since his self-titled album in 2014 sold over 4,000,000 copies worldwide. During his interview, Hozier talked about the definition of 'craic' and how it's very much the case that we take the idea of doing something for the 'craic' for granted.

Well, yeah, in fairness. What else are we going to do? Christ, we as a nation decriminalised all drugs for, like, two days and we're all still here. Our President is a former poet who used to write poems about donkeys. We go nuts whenever he uses an ATM. We get it. We know craic.

Anyway, here's the song Hozier performed on the night.