Marty Morrisey gatecrashing a wedding. Eccentric British personality talking about his sex life. The Rose of Tralee. Micropigs. Yup, it's the Late Late Show alright.

Tubbers returned for the FIFTY-FORTH season of the Late Late and hit the ground running, by all accounts. As always, there was a jarring mix - to a fault - of guests on the show and, needless to say, it garnered quite a reaction online.

Marty Morrissey's gate-crashing of a wedding was of particular note...





...whilst Max Mosley's escapades and family history came up for discussion.





However, the real focus of the show was on Helen O'Driscoll, the Cork mother who lost her three children to a horrific tragedy a year ago last night. Many felt that the interview shouldn't have been conducted in the first place...






...while others were struck by her ability to forgive her eldest son and speak openly about mental illness...




So, overall thoughts? As always, it's the usual problems wit the Late Late - namely, a complete and utter mish-mash / dog's dinner of a guest lineup. Going from something like Marty At The Party to Max Mosley's sex life to Helen O'Driscoll to a competition winner in one show is crazy at best and highly insensitive at worst.

It's clear they're not trying to ape Graham Norton or even attempt to emulate Saturday Night Show, instead heading for the usual variety format they've had in the past with 'oul Uncle Gaybo.

That's all well and good for the Late Late Show circa 1993, but it's 2015. Do we really need THIS much variety packed into one show? Do we need to have such a wide variety of guests and topics so as to ensure all bases are covered?

Even more pointedly, do we even need the Late Late Show anymore? Hasn't Irish society and the viewing public moved on?